Friday, 27 February 2015

5 Web designing Principles that you should always abide to

Getting a good web design is as crucial as getting your product right. You cannot hit the market before ensuring that all the essential elements are sufficiently covered. A good design creates its own impression. The better the design is, better are your chances for sales conversion.
In this article we have covered 5 basic elements that are crucial to a good web design. Have a read and make sure you embed them well next time when you go for designing a website.

1)    Focusing on right contents: Make sure you work out your contents well. Good contents are informative, descriptive and detailed. They have the power to hold the readers for long spans of time. You need to make sure that you give your audiences what they need. Your contents must have a right intent. Only when you are able to produce the information your users want to read you will be able to win their loyalty. Therefore, always work hard on your contents.

2)    Make sure that the design is Mobile responsive: Responsive Web design is the need of the hour. This is a bare necessity that every website must have. You cannot sustain your place on web if your designs aren’t effective and responsive. A responsive design allows users to surf the web design from any place anywhere. This adds to the usability of that design and helps in adding more customers. 

3)    Place yourself in customer’s shoes: This is very crucial for any designing firm to place themselves in their customer’s shoes. They need to analyze, identify and critique their website from a customer prospective. They need to analyses:

·        If the site is easy to navigate
·        Does the color scheme used on it helps in enhancing the information it ought to display
·        Is the sign up form easy to understand and fill
·        Is the payment gateway secure
·        Are images used clear and descriptive
Attention to all these details makes a big impact in influencing user’s choice. A good website structure and detailing always brings out good results.

4)    Proper Testing: This step is as critical as any other step in this process. A website should be fully and thoroughly tested before it is launched. It is imperative that you enter the market with a complete product. Half-baked details not only look unprofessional but also turn customers away. Ideally, you should test your website in different phases. You must make sure that each module is properly tested before moving on to next. Good testing always brings the best out of the web structure.

5)    Keep It Simple: You cannot stress this point enough. I mean nothing works well for the users if you can come up with design that is elegant yet simple. This is what companies and designers working night and day aims at. Simplicity has its own charm. Look at some popular designs like: Amazon and Facebook, they contain thousands of information yet they are so simple in use. In simplicity lies reflectivity. Therefore try to keep your design to the simplest level and it will work well for you.

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