Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Advantages of using Joomla as a framework

With so many frameworks around, coding world is always arguing about which the best framework to use and code in is. Every platform has its own distinct advantages and limitations but to classify and pick one over the other will not be fair. This is why in this article we will cover about Joomla. We will only talk about the advantages of this framework but also see how it is imperative from an over all development prospective. 

1)  Fast and Easy to Code: The best thing that works for this framework is that it is completely worked up using Php. This means the codes are easily editable and compatible to use. Developers hate when they cannot make any changes to a particular framework. Joomla eliminates that. This framework is flexible and allows developers to code as per their liking. 

2)   Have the best Menu tools: This is one thing that makes this platform so popular and powerful among developers. It has some flexible menu creation tools that really allow developers to be as creative as possible. Developers are always happy if the features in a particular framework allow them an extra option to express their web designs better.

3)    Multilingual support: For some time they didn’t had this feature but those are the days of past. Today, this framework allows you to develop a site in English and copy it into different languages. Though there are some third party applications of this framework that allows this support but still, it is fairly good. 

4)   Helpful and knowledgeable community: You are always confident in what you are doing if you know that you can get an apt support for it. This is what Joomla developer’s relishes most. It has an open source community of passionate developers that are always willing to exchange their views to make it better. In case you are stuck with code, you can be sure to find a support for that issue. This is what makes this community growing and striving.

5)   An Impressive Caching feature: It is argued and believed that Joomla has the best in-built caching feature. This makes the website 10 times faster than what it usually is. Though you have to make sure that it doesn’t generate duplicate results to confuse search engines but its caching feature is really impressive. Not only this enhances the speed of the website but also ensures fewer burdens on the server. 

Joomla is fast, effective and powerful. You can really work wonders using this framework. Already, open source platforms are gaining massive attention worldwide and this framework is only making things good for them. Therefore if you are thinking of using this framework for you next project, go ahead and use it. It is powerful, effective and flexible to use.

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