Monday, 9 March 2015

Things to keep in mind while designing for an E-commerce website

Online marketing is in demand today. Most of the businesses are turning their shops online to avail maximum benefits of this online rush. Benefits are obvious: 

·        Bigger markets
·        Lesser investment

Now, setting up an online shop is not that easy. Success of an online shop depends on number of things one of which is its design. The design of your shop must be immaculate to engage maximum viewership from your audiences. In this blog, we will try to look at few aspects that determine a quality Ecommerce design

1)    Security:  Most of the e-commerce stores allow their customers to make purchase online. Now, customers who are shopping online must be assured that their card details will not be misplaced or leaked. If you are designing an e-commerce store make sure that you make it evident to your customers that shopping from your store is safe. Design your site in a way that it highlights all the security measures that taken to make your online store secure. 

2)    Clarity: Never confuse your customer with a complicated structure. Always give them a clear picture of what is what. Make sure you have a good ‘Zoom in’ feature that gives a clear idea of how product will look.Display the prices on the products clearly. Highlight all the taxes and charges properly so that customer is never confused. Mention clearly if you are giving any discounts or if there is any sale on your store. You need to make sure that all your special offers are known to the customer.

3)    One Page Checkout: You won’t believe, how many people leave the website from the checkout page as it find it too lengthy to fill. These days there are many ‘One page checkout’ plugins available that you can add to your site to make it even more effective. A single page checkout allows users to perform and carry out the entire task on that same page itself. This not only looks easy but is also less time consuming.

4)    Support Guest Checkouts: Never annoy your customers. Don’t make it mandatory for them to register an account to make a purchase. Keep things simpler on your site and allow guest checkouts. People who are happy with your services will always come back to you. There are many websites today that supports guest checkout make sure you don’t miss out on it

5)    Responsive Design: Everything is on mobile today. Therefore, you need to make sure that you get a store that is responsive and fast to load. Trends in this market are showing that more and more people are using their mobiles to make purchases. You need to make sure that your site doesn’t miss out on these opportunities.

Your E-commerce store is your brand image, the more attractive it, more people will like to associate with it. Therefore, make sure that you give your customers an online experience that is secure and enjoyable.

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