Monday, 8 June 2015

Small business web designs: Things to keep in mind

Today, every business demands an online presence. Your brand stands no chance if it isn’t complimented by a strong presence online. These online shops and portals are getting bigger and stronger.  However to make your mark in this competitive world you don’t have to start big

If your business is small and only carters to domestic market you can certainly put a cap to your online budget. All you need is a smart and strategic planning you can be up and running with your online shop on World Wide Web. In this post we will cover three necessary steps in designing a significant online presence for small scale businesses.

     1)    Go for a Template design on an Open Source Platform:  Irrespective you have a content based website or an online shop; you can find a template to meet your demand.  These templates are pre-designed and cover most of the things that are needed for a good web brand. These days most of the templates are mobile responsive so you don’t have to spend anything extra once your website is done. The benefit of these templates is that they will cost you lesser than using a custom Web site design. You can find these templates on WordPress and Open cart platforms.  Once you select your platform you can opt for an appropriate theme on theme forest.  

     2)    Use the information about your brand wisely: Most people think that the success of your website depends upon the strength of your home page. This though is partially correct but not entirely true. The success of your website depends upon the success of your landing page.  Therefore, you need to make sure that you use this page wisely. Landing page is different from a home page. You need to make sure that once customer is on to your landing page he has the confidence to go all the way through. Make sure you design this page appropriately using all the relevant contents and images. 

Web design Geelong
                 Web design Geelong

3)    Don’t go for flashy contents or images: Heavy images and animated pictures can slow the speed down of your website. If you are setting up a small business online you probably don’t need things. Heavy files will only reduce the speed of your website. For your website it is imperative that is builds its reputation well among its users. For that it is imperative that it runs a good speed. Therefore, make sure that you use appropriate images to give your website an appropriate spin.

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