Monday, 25 May 2015

Designing errors that can impact your brand

We all know how important a good web design is for our brand. A good design can make or break a brand reputation online. This is why it is imperative that you make sure that your design has everything in it to succeed online. In this blog, we will identify some few fatal designing errors that can cost your brand its well-earned online reputation. 
     1)    Slow Speed: If you are inviting customers to visit your website you have to greet them with terrific viewing experience. You need to make sure that most of their time is spent browsing your website and not waiting for it to load. Therefore, you need to check your website speed and make sure it loads fast across all browsing platforms. 

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     2)    Poor Responsive designs: The browsing trend online is changing fast. Today, you cannot enter a market without proper responsive designs. You need to make sure that your designs loads correct on all viewing screens. If you have an e-commerce store you need to present it in a way that all the information about its product is visible easily.

     3)    Poor search option: Now this holds a significant importance for all e-commerce stores. If your search bar is not working properly you will lose out on your potential customers. Most e-commerce stores don’t give this feature any importance but it is an integral part of an online store.

     4)    Bland selection of colors: Colors play a significant role is making us feel on how we look at things. Therefore, if your colors are too dim or bright it can turn your customers away. Good design is always about matching elegant structure with matching colors. 

    5)    Improper designing layout: If the designing layout of your website is poor you will miss out on displaying some important information about your brand. It is imperative that the structure of your website gives it an ample scope to reflect the most important feature of your brand.

Designing a good website is not difficult if it is correctly planned. Most of the good designing companies are aware of these issues and make sure they plan them correct. Therefore, if you are going to get your brand designed make sure you chose a reputed Web design Geelong Company. Good designing companies will always give you option you can chose and select from and there always under budget.

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