Friday, 3 April 2015

E-commerce Web Design: Things to keep in mind

E-commerce is emerging as a big industry in a modern day scenario. The reach of these markets from local to global is massive. This is why most of the brands are now setting up their own e-commerce model to fit in the wagon. In this blog we will mention what are some key aspects of a good E-commerce design and how they can benefit your business. 

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1)    Responsive checkout pages: If you are able to bring your customers to a ‘checkout’ page you certainly don’t want to lose them from there. This is where one page responsive checkouts are coming into play. You need to give a model to your customers that allow them to shop from their phone. Responsive Web Design, One page checkouts plays a huge role in it.

2) Guest Checkouts:  Yes, you want a strong database of your customers but to get that you need to work hard and wait patiently. 60% of the customers drop out of the website if they are asked to make an account. Therefore, you must support and allow Guests checkouts. Let them have an account when they want. Till then just give them the luxury to shop without any hassle.

3)   Give them a fast site: You have to give your customers a website that loads fast and operates smoothly. You don’t want them to wait for ages for pages to load.  To grab the attention of the user you have to give him/her an experience that is fast and easy to understand. A good speed of a website also infuses a confidence about it. 

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4)  Security is the key: This is one aspect that every customer is concerned about. Therefore you need to make sure that your website is secure and gives customers that feeling. Use of ‘Https’ and other such certificates on the home page are certainly going to help this cause.

5)  Give your customers catchy deals: Give your customers rewards for being regular customers. Attract them with deals that make your website standout. Always remember that people adore websites that have something for them. Give you customers something in return and they will always return.

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